Have we ever looked in such darkness?
Did we experience forced celibacy and self-denial?
Decades of years of life in dark cell.
How long he didn´t see free world?

Over twenty years is all we know. His life in darkness without freedom.

Decades of years blunt each razor-blade. Just lie is still.
We can think on that what he lives through.
Dark cell decades of years for ones lie.

His life in dark cell in the country of fake cradle of freedom.

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60´s, rotten tradition, left went false.
Houndreds of thousands of people in streets.
For the ideal of freedom.
For the ideal of brotherhood.
Revolt from solidarity.
They believed too much in changing this world.

I believe in time when ideals
will rise again in the eyes of masses.

Energy is gone, almighty´s went afraid.
Spirit of these moments is still there.
It will rise again from the dust of history.
Thank you for hope.

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Cursed in the life history of ourselves
Borned into the date without bravery
Last generation of humanity
In those eras when capital is more than creators

Cursed, borned in a dreamless hour
Borned in an illusion of freedom
At a good many sea of choices and decisions
When real freedom is a mirage of anybody

Cursed in a dusk of last legends
Borned into after human era
At a time when thought dies

Cursed with naissance
Borned to darnation
Cursed with a lifetime
Borned into a damnation

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Tears of blood:

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Inner liar:

My conviction, which i used to fight for lost it´s charm
and i´m searching for reason - in vain.

It´s time to see the truth and find the liar inside.
It´s time to hold conscience with myself and accept the guilt.
It´s time to spit on my own face in front of the mirror.
It´s time to ask myself.

Was anything from it real or it was just a pose?

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* All lyrics and comments by Luo. Except for "Inner liar" lyric by Panky.